A discussion of the Mount Si Hot or not contests and of the Issaquah May Madness contests, together with discussion of art appreciation, the suitability of bikini competition by minors, exercise rates of adults and how current PE classes in school relate to adult exercise levels.

There are women who engage in a barre class every day or most days a week . . .  Since the average daily exercise time by women 15 and above is less than 15 minutes per day, outside of work, that would mean that for every woman in barre class or zumba class or belly dancing class or even walking at the gym, there are 3 who did very little or no reported exercise activity that day, including a normal walk at 3 mph . . .

A discussion of the constitutional issues related to a school telling a boy or group of boys that they cannot judge or rate photos in their possession . . .  Additionally, there is a discussion of some cases as they illustrate some ideas or discuss the law.

There is some discussion of the northwest royal natural bodybuilding competition, which is held every year in Issaquah in September, and I think it is in the Issaquah community center, a few blocks away from the high school.  It seems from what I have been told that they are all-ages spectating permitted.




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