1 bikini competitions as an alternative

david with a bikini competitor at the Emerald Cup in 2015

I am unsure of the motives of the boys who created the contests in which they judged the girls or of the girls who created contests in which they judged the boys.  Perhaps some of their motives included having fun or engaging in a distant form of flirting.

The question is, I think, is the best solution to have shut down the contests completely, or to redirect or change them in a way that they were less disruptive to the learning environment of the school?

One thing to note about such a contest is that it is, I believe, a form of art appreciation. Various studies have been done on factors which ameliorate or eliminate depression.  People who practice art appreciation tend to be less depressed.

There are “girls” above the age of about 13 who have competed in bikini or physique competitions.  (Of course, there are nudist groups or parks where people of all ages compete in competitions. . . . but speaking of partly clothed in bikini or physique competitions, some of them have a minimum age for competition at around 13 or 14.)

Every major city has an occasional bodybuilding competition and those competitions usually include a bikini and a physique competitions for the women.

I think that there may be some competitions that are exclusively or chiefly bikini and physique competitions, but I don’t know for sure.  I think that at the 2nd of the competitions I went to myself that it was bikini only or bikini and physique during the 30 minutes that I was there.  It was last year, in September or October, I think, in 2015.  Were there also male bb as a part and I didn’t observe them cause I was not at the right time?   I guess I will have to go again and find out.

Because the school can probably shut down contests that disrupt the learning environment, and because the school may be alleging that there is the problem from some girls, perhaps who were unwilling participants, who were having hurt feelings, one possibility would be for some to compete, either between the same school or against girls of another school, in an otherwise recognized and established bikini competition.

Now, whether or not a kid in high school has the means and the wisdom to set up a bikini competition on his own, and designed chiefly for girls of high school age participants, without it getting stopped or shut down, I don’t know**. . . but a girl entrant into an established bikini competition is not going to get herself or her boyfriend if any or the competition itself shut down.  The worst that can happen is that the competition says to her that they would not like to have her compete and the best that can happen is that she competes and has fun and learns things.

**(Would the school admin be calling the local police to find out if the kid is breaking any laws he doesn’t know about or would the police try to interpret some extra law to forbid a chiefly minor bikini competition?  I don’t know, but police certainly allow the “Emerald Cup” and the Royal Natural Bodybuilding competition without any question . . .)

She will almost certainly “lose” because she is competing against women and girls who have been “training” for months and years and many of them have competed before.  But, even if she “loses,” she will have learned and gained and she and others will have some nice photos of her and others.

If a person wished or wished to have a friend participate in a bikini or physique competition, one thing to do would be to go and spectate first, obviously!

Also, the next thing to note is that if a girl does go and compete in a contest, chance of winning is slim to none!  At least, if it is her first competition and she is competing against women who have been training for years, odds of winning are slim.  If a girl had been training or if she were competing against other girls in high school with similar amounts of training, then, perhaps she would win some competitions!

And, you or she probably won’t win, but you or she probably will learn a lot and have good experience, if you can compete knowing you won’t win against people who have been training for months and years.  And, you can have photos taken of you at the contest or while training, and then, such photo or videos can be part of an appreciation “contest.”


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