2 sunbathing at Greenlake

If by chance some of you go to Greenlake and sunbathe in the summer, it is entirely possible you will become included in some appreciation contests.  If you look at the image above, you would see one of the signs at one of the beaches at Greenlake.  I was pretty lucky to get that photo.  I had walked already during the day and a friend asked me to do some work in the U-district with a particular start time.  And so, before I left for work, I was just sitting, reading and resting on a bench and some gals walked by!

As I did some of the research for this website, I read the national news.  In one news article re the Issaquah May Madness, Devon Keller of Issaquah is quoted as saying, “I’d like to be on the list . . .”

If you are a girl or a woman who would like to be featured on this site or a site similar to this, it is quite possible.

There are two obvious ways.  One is to simply sunbathe at Greenlake in the summer in the afternoons. I am there, most days a week, usually between 1 and 5.  Sometimes I am there as late as 6 or 7.  I especially try to be there on weekends.  Some days I walk at the lake 2 or 3 times.  If and when I see pretty gals who are walking or sunbathing, I do what I can to take a photo. Of course, if we have not made previous arrangements, that is something that would be hit and miss.

If you would like to make things more certain that you are featured, in photos in a mostly tasteful way and in a site where people choose to appreciate you, and if you wish, contact me at [email protected]  If you choose to go the route of contacting me and we arrange for a time, and if you wish to have a site of a particular similar group of people who are similarly featured for appreciations, that could be arranged.




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