depression and common school practices

So, the Mount Si school admin wishes to shut down a contest that some boys had considered fun.

Lets take a look at some other things which are, of course, completely unrelated .  . .

Per some statistics about 1 in 8 adolescents “have” clinical depression.  That would be more than 10% of the school student body, if the Mount Si or Issaquah student bodies have a similar rates of clinical depression and more ordinary depression as the rest of the US population do. read more

some 2016 contest winners . . .

Several girls at Sakura con who claim that they know nothing—Nothing!!–about any John Belcher or any school policy about a hot or not contest.. After winning their division by default, and after being identified by the cheerleading coach of the Denny International Middle school, the girls were dropped from the squad and suspended from school for a week. Currently, the school plans to hold tryouts to find replacements for them on the cheerleading squad. As for the girls, they hope to compete in the high school division in the next contest.

Here are photos which are winners in the spring 2016 hot or not contests . . .

the Smithsonian and Hot or not

I read the news from various websites every day.  I am at cbsnews now and there is an article on the topic of a Smithsonian photo contest.  Here is the headline Smithsonian photo contest’s best images.  The contest has different categories and winners of various categories . . .  I can’t imagine what that might remind you of. read more

Sakura con hot or not crazy coincidence

So, this weekend I attended and greatly enjoyed Sakuracon.

At the end of the last day I asked to pose and took photos of two girls of probable school ages.

I have been wondering about inviting kids from schools to go to Sakuracon to pose and play, perhaps as part of some contests. read more