comicon, girl-posing, Sunday, April 10, 2016

I was at comicon on Sunday.  On this day, there were almost half a dozen “girls” who posed for me.  How do we know that they were girls?

In one case, shortly after taking the photo, there was a woman sitting happily and smiling on a nearby bench.  She was smiling and I said hi and she was the mom of the girl I had just been photographing!  The girl was in fact in 8th grade! read more

2nd walk at Issaquah high school

There are 3 high schools which have been in the news for having a hot or not contest under various names.  They are Mount Si high school, Issaquah High School and Juanita High school.

I created the website discussing problems with shutting down the contests called Hot or not and/or May Madness and I also propose some alternatives which, because they are more consensually created, are less likely to have a school shut them down or be able to do so.  I have done walking with a sign in the past and figured I would do some walking near some of the high schools which have been in the news re the contests. read more

Lenore Skenazy discusses men and girl scout cookies . . .

Man Asks Girls of Girl Scout Age, in Girl Scout Cookie Selling Season, If They Are Selling Girl Scout Cookies. Police Are Alerted.

My comment . . . I could be in real trouble, as I am a single male and I also believe in, when possible, donating to occasional causes with $4 or so (the cost of a girl scout cookie box in our area). We had girl scouts selling cookies on many weekend days for about a month recently in a certain Washington state suburb. (The local police chief knows me slightly from an occasional congratulatory or supportive email from me to him, but his officers don’t know me by face. I don’t cause enough trouble to bring me to the attention of the patrol officers.) If I can find an extra $4 to give/buy/donate, I try to take a box . . . from the “girls” and young ladies in front of the grocery store . . . read more