2nd walk at Issaquah high school

There are 3 high schools which have been in the news for having a hot or not contest under various names.  They are Mount Si high school, Issaquah High School and Juanita High school.

I created the website discussing problems with shutting down the contests called Hot or not and/or May Madness and I also propose some alternatives which, because they are more consensually created, are less likely to have a school shut them down or be able to do so.  I have done walking with a sign in the past and figured I would do some walking near some of the high schools which have been in the news re the contests.

Issaquah is for me more convenient to get to.

I walked from downtown Issaquah to the high school and back Monday morning.  I was a bit late in starting and the walk was without event.

I started a little earlier today and also parked between downtown and Issaquah high school. I walked and the walk seemed initially to be without event.  Perhaps everything starts even earlier than I had thought it would.

I was walking back to my car and on the other side of the street, there was a girl riding her bike, perhaps to one of the schools.  I held my sign in a way that she could see it and she looked at it briefly.  Whether she understood its purpose I do not know.

In any case, she was cheerful and we waved to each other happily and continued on our way.

I walk at Greenlake in undies, but I figure I will not necessarily create extra chaos and police questions by wearing so much less in this context. I have thought of wearing some costumes or a sharp outfit, but we’ll see.

I don’t like the idea of using afternoon time for these walks unless I am nearby anyway.  I don’t know if anything will come of the walks!

It seems that this post is of interest to various people who visit the site.  I am not sure if that is because they wonder if I will do some evil or because they are looking forward to meeting me!

One interesting thing about Issaquah High school is that it is a few blocks away from one of the major bodybuilding and bikini competitions held every year in King County.  The contest is the Royal Natural competition, which gets its name partly from a strong enforcement against using certain steroids.  I went to this briefly in 2015.

This competition is all ages ok for spectating, so far as what they told me. The competition is usually in late September each year and it is held, I think, in the Issaquah community center.

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