4 have a photo contest of nearly identical photos

One idea is that, if and when you have found a photo “you” like or have selected, ask if there are teams of kids who wish to create photos which are identical, nearly identical, to or very similar to the photo you have selected.  People could select the best photo of a given type.  Of course, the photos could range from swimwear or a cheerleader outfit.  They could range from shorts and yoga pants to fully clothed or while the model is being glamorous or while she is partly or fully clothed and putting on make up or applying blush.

You could have a single photo you are imitating or there could be categories and some people choose the best of each category.  Here is another school doing hot or not in categories and they choose photos which are the best of each category.

(One common scene in some music videos and some art is putting on make-up.  It is a part of glamour . . . and it is sometimes done while partly dressed but sufficiently modest.  Here are Shakira and Inna in some music videos.)

Here is a reclining glamour image from a Russian singing group.

The same person can be *** or not ***, depending on the clothing, pose and what she is doing. That is why some of you folks might consider creating a contest in which you rate or judge similar or nearly identical photos.  A person who is in fact *** may be “not” in some photos.  A person who is generally not  might seem quite *** at times .  . . if she tries.

Also, a person can lose in an “identical photo contest” and it does not mean she is not!

“You” have a very wide range of possible kinds of photos.  You have so many kinds of photos and so many photos you could imitate that you could do a contest once a week or once a month!

Anyway, find–or take submissions for a photo idea–and select a favorite photo as the archetype for the contest.  If there are teams that wish to compete, let them create “copies” of the photo, but use of your the schoolgirls and classmates as the “model.”

Then, with the consent of the model and the teams who produce the “copies” of the archetype, rate or judge the photos!

Of the three images we see here, there are probably several dozens of the girls in school who would feel good and happy about producing “copies” of any one of them.  Maybe half the girls in school would!  Of course, she or the team might have to spend a little on some fake diamonds or a nurse’s hat or some of the lipstick Kate Beckinsale used. . . not all girls will show as much cleavage as Inna did.  Yeah, probably not every girl will do the Inna photo, but a lot of them would be happy to be in diamonds . . .

If your parents were supportive, you could even rent a real diamond necklace or maybe mom has one and will let you use it . . .

Now, would I enjoy and appreciate seeing any of the girls of your school in clothing and a pose identical or very similar to these photos below?  Hmmm.  Let me think about that . . .

Would you?  Well, a lot of you, if you are guys in high school, probably would enjoy seeing some of your friends.

Of course, if “you” are the school principal or vice-principal .  . . maybe you wouldn’t find it so fun . . .  Usually the school principal is not supposed to be appreciating the girls in the way as do some of the guy classmates . . . but at least they would not be put out of some school dance!

diamonds by via graa nurseinnatenminutesago

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