An attractive woman reviews my “solutions”

I have a friend who is a female chiropractor.  I told her about the contest that the school has shut down, Mount Si Hot or not.  I am not sure if I mentioned the other contest by name, the Issaquah May Madness.  I told her of several possible “solutions” and she offered her thoughts.

I somewhat think from what she says that she goes to the gym at times . . .  It is possible we would not mind seeing her compete in a competition, but I don’t know if she does that.  Of course, it is hard to win those things and even bikini competition competitors will tell you that, when the contestants are clothed, they look a lot alike . . . at least a lot more alike than than the general population.

She says, about bikini competitions providing motivation to work out and train, that they would probably be a motivation for some people and not a motivation for others.  She seemed to be speaking especially of those who need to lose some weight and feel it may be beyond them to be thinner by the time of the competition.  It is hard to compete with those who are already thin or of normal weight.

For either the group which are anorexic and overly thin, and especially for the group which may need to lose some weight, she believed that a transformation contest would tend to be most appropriate and appealing.  That is, one could start in six or nine months out and be competing against those who similarly considered to be 30 to 50 pounds overweight, or perhaps, against others who are similarly overly thin!  (With respect to losing some weight, back in college they told me that a normal and reasonable weight loss per week was 1-2 pounds per week.)

I am a member of a gym and the gym has a yearly contest of transformation.  Transformation is measured in both pounds lost (if needed) and strength gained, I think.  They definitely measure your weight and measurements.  I don’t even know the criteria for winning the transformation contest at the gym.

The attractive female chiropractor especially liked my idea of the “identical *** photo creation” contest.  She liked it because it would be easy to understand by any “participants,” and the creators also have a range of types of photos that can be chosen, including fully or mostly clothed glamour photography.  In fact, the chiropractor said that there could be several divisions in the same photo contest.  Some could do pinup/glamour; some could do short skirts or swimwear or whatever was suitable . . . as each person or team chose.

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