A friend’s testimony

In my life, I have 2 friends and several closer family members who are “overweight.”  I don’t mean just that I think that they are overweight; I mean also that they are overweight by society’s or governmental “standards” for healthy and unhealthy weight.

According to the usual health authorities claim, about 1/3 US adults are “overweight” and another 1/3 are obese.

One of my friends who is overweight is Christian and we have lunch together once in a while.  I’ve known her since 1996 or so.  She is a passionate Christian; she prays; she seems to hear from God at times, although her life also has flaws here and there.

It so happens that I have been working on this site since January 23rd or so.  I had lunch with this friend Monday afternoon for about an hour.

Near the end of our conversation on many other subjects, this friend said, “I need to walk,” or “I should walk.”  We had not been talking about this website or health topics.  Now this friend in fact believes that I “assault” the girls and women by looking at them cause I enjoy seeing if they are cute.

She then began to tell me that many times her doctors had told her to walk or exercise and some of them had even written it on the prescription pad they have and given her a little prescription to walk. . .  and she had not been walking.  She said she didn’t have the motivation; she didn’t love herself enough to take care of herself in that way and so she did not walk, though she kind of believed she should be, based on all the medical advice.

She is a good Christian . . . she prays . . . she does not think it is so great that I enjoy the figure of the other girls . . . she would, I believe, never think of being in a bikini competition . . . she is somewhat overweight and admits that she doesn’t have the motivation to walk every day or most days . . . and her doctors frequently encourage her to be doing so . . . she is healthy enough to walk if she wanted to walk, but she does not.

And we never or almost never have had a conversation on this topic when we talk or get together . . . and for some reason, Monday afternoon, around 2:20 p.m., she says “I need to walk.”

A person does not even need to be in a competition or to be training.  If he or she is simply out at the beach or park several days a week in the spring or summer in a bikini or similar, that’s good motivation to walk or exercise.

She tries to hear from God; once in a while, perhaps she says things cause God has given her a nudge or leading to say them.



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