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I’ve been to two bikini or more general competitions to watch briefly.  They don’t seem to be regarded as inappropriate for minors, but who knows. . .  I know that at the second competition I visited in 2015, I asked specifically at the front desk and the front desk people said they had no limitation on ages of spectators.

I assume that each competition has its own rules and policies, but I don’t think either of the ones I have visited were checking the ages of spectators.  Of course, not a lot of minors know about bodybuilding competitions (or per se bikini competitions) and not a lot of minors try to go.  So, I don’t know about all the “shows/competitions” and how they handle things.

I used to a missionary for a particular church many years ago.  I am used to knocking on doors and having some people tell me no.  So, it is easy for me to try certain things, knowing that some will work out and sometimes, someone will say no.

A bikini competition per se (or as a part of a bodybuilding competition) is generally  not so obviously sexual that, at least so far as I know, spectating or competing is not restricted to those over 18.  Of course, things might depend in part on the details of the “contest” or the competition.  Most bikini competitions are considered a kind of sport and are of a different quality than a bikini contest on the beach during spring break.

Some competitions are definitely all ages permitted and others may be age-restricted, but I don’t yet know which is which in all cases.  There are pages which have details about some of the various competitions.  Some of them directly speak of the competition being an all ages show.  Those which don’t say that perhaps are not, but I don’t know enough to say!

The group called Craig productions has 2 or 3 main events in our area each year.  There is the Emerald Cup in Bellevue in April or May each year.  (This year it will be April 29th and 30th.) There is the Ironman in Bothell at the Gold Creek Community church on October 1st, 2016, and it is usually in October each year.  There is also the Idaho classic in Boise in June.  (In 2016, it will be June 4th.)

The information for the Idaho classic in Boise includes this in the venue paragraph, “(All ages welcome).”  The information for the Ironman in Bothell says, “The auditorium seats 1500 and and allows us the ability to offer an ALL AGES SHOW with plenty of parking for our competitors and guests.

The information for the Emerald Cup in the Meydenbauer center does not specifically say what their policy is re ages of spectators, at least so far as I can find!

There are women who train for months or years for their competitions.  They lift weights to have a nice shape; they shop for a nice bikini or suit; they practice walking and posing . . .  For them, it is a sport.

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