are birds cheerleaders?

A few days ago I was in a barnes and noble bookstore.  I was walking past a table and there were calendars and there was a calendar that caught my eye.

This was a day by day calendar of birds.  A lot of the birds in nature are pretty and colorful.

What is funny is that some of these birds are wearing the colors or color combinations of cheerleaders or Christmas outfits or national flags.

We have red, white and green as colors of Christmas.  These colors are often used in sexy or ordinary costumes of women in Christmastime.  How did we “choose” red white and green?  Outwardly we can say that each color represents something about Christmas.

Here are two birds showing us white, red and green.  One of them is a “lovebird.”

Christmas outfit colors, with a darker shade of red than usual.
Western Rosella
a rose face lovebird, in Christmas colors

The Dallas cheerleaders have their uniforms in two major colors, white and blue. When I was in junior high, the high school cheerleaders were in blue and gold.

Another similar combination for cheerleader is purple and a lighter color.

So, are there birds which wear such colors?

a blue shouldered mountain tanager
a blue jay–with the color combination of the Dallas cheerleaders.
a blue tit
this is a golden hooded tanager
Here is a purple starling in purple and white. Are there cheerleaders who wear purple and white?
I think some of the cheerleaders in Seattle wear purple and white . . .
This is a Baltimore Oriole. The colors are red black and white or orange black and white. Red black and white are the colors of the German flag and of the Trump airplane. Red white and blue are colors of the US flag. Some orioles are red and black and some are orange and black. Some of them are yellow and black or gold and black. Some of them have white areas and some of them do not. The colors for the baltimore oriole team are white black and light red. image found at
Here is a red-winged black bird in black, red and yellow. The colors of black, red and yellow are used in dozens of flags.
Here is a flag used at times for Germany, before and after the Nazi years. Prior to this flag and the Nazi flags, German flags were often red, black and white.
Here is a flag of Bulgaria with the same colors as Christmas costumes.
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