being featured

If you wish to be be featured on one of my websites in some way, the first thing to know is that it may happen without your intending it to happen.  You could be walking or sunbathing at Greenlake or Madison Park beaches or any other secret beach I am visiting.  You could be walking downtown Seattle in some cute clothing or in a cute way.

Last summer, there was one girl who was riding a bicycle in a bikini downtown Seattle.  She was not at Greenlake where people commonly ride bikes and she was not part of a parade.  She was just riding into downtown Seattle while dressed in a bikini!  I took her photo!  It was fun!

And, this year I will try to go to Railroad days and perhaps see the Railroad days parade.  If I see you and you are being cute or fun or interesting . . .  if you are a cheerleader, dancer or drill team member . . . if you are simply spectating while being cute or looking pretty . . . I might take your photograph!

If I have at least 4 interesting photos from Railroad days, I will create a page where we can express our appreciations of them!

Other than that, if you wish to guarantee that I photograph and feature you, email me!


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