Being *** is a choice and a skill

Being *** is a choice and a skill.  Being *** is not simply a matter of how little clothing one is wearing, though that can be a factor.

Lets look at a few videos.  Two are by Taylor Swift and one is by Skylar Stecker and Jordyn Jones.  In these videos, who is being ***, if anyone?

Of course, in this first one, we actually have the lead and some others in cheerleader outfits . . . Is this the hot video?  What do you think?  The dancing and motions of the video are of Swift being a fool . . . having fun with us by being a fool .  . .

Perhaps a little immature, but maybe not a problem . . .
How are the girls doing in the kids video?

Oh, I just don’t know . . . !


Which ones, if any, are hot?  In which ones, if any, is the girl being hot?


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