2nd walk at Issaquah high school

There are 3 high schools which have been in the news for having a hot or not contest under various names.  They are Mount Si high school, Issaquah High School and Juanita High school.

I created the website discussing problems with shutting down the contests called Hot or not and/or May Madness and I also propose some alternatives which, because they are more consensually created, are less likely to have a school shut them down or be able to do so.  I have done walking with a sign in the past and figured I would do some walking near some of the high schools which have been in the news re the contests. read more

Sakura con Sunday March 27, 2016

I was at Sakura con Sunday from about 3 to about 5. (Another discussion of the Sakura con weekend is found at greenlakewalking.com including some different aspects . . .) I watched and then joined and played the hugging game with spin the bottle.  Partway through the game, one guy carried inside the circle and girl and the guys would trade the girl/young lady.  And then, after a bit, another guy did the same with a second young lady.  The carries were mildly revealing.  In one case, the gal’s pants were pulled a bit lower on her bod than usual; in another a lot of her undies were visible. read more