comicon, girl-posing, Sunday, April 10, 2016

I was at comicon on Sunday.  On this day, there were almost half a dozen “girls” who posed for me.  How do we know that they were girls?

In one case, shortly after taking the photo, there was a woman sitting happily and smiling on a nearby bench.  She was smiling and I said hi and she was the mom of the girl I had just been photographing!  The girl was in fact in 8th grade! read more

Lenore Skenazy discusses men and girl scout cookies . . .

Man Asks Girls of Girl Scout Age, in Girl Scout Cookie Selling Season, If They Are Selling Girl Scout Cookies. Police Are Alerted.

My comment . . . I could be in real trouble, as I am a single male and I also believe in, when possible, donating to occasional causes with $4 or so (the cost of a girl scout cookie box in our area). We had girl scouts selling cookies on many weekend days for about a month recently in a certain Washington state suburb. (The local police chief knows me slightly from an occasional congratulatory or supportive email from me to him, but his officers don’t know me by face. I don’t cause enough trouble to bring me to the attention of the patrol officers.) If I can find an extra $4 to give/buy/donate, I try to take a box . . . from the “girls” and young ladies in front of the grocery store . . . read more

some 2016 contest winners . . .

Several girls at Sakura con who claim that they know nothing—Nothing!!–about any John Belcher or any school policy about a hot or not contest.. After winning their division by default, and after being identified by the cheerleading coach of the Denny International Middle school, the girls were dropped from the squad and suspended from school for a week. Currently, the school plans to hold tryouts to find replacements for them on the cheerleading squad. As for the girls, they hope to compete in the high school division in the next contest.

Here are photos which are winners in the spring 2016 hot or not contests . . .

How to walk to parts of Sakuracon or comicon without ticket

So, lets suppose you are tight on funds and wish to visit.

Go to 7th and Union and there is a large sign that says Home Street Bank.  Turn and face east and start up the stairs and keep going up the stairs until you reach the highest level.  Along the way, you must turn right, and then at the top level, turn back and face the building on the path to your left. read more