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I was at comicon on Sunday.  On this day, there were almost half a dozen “girls” who posed for me.  How do we know that they were girls?

In one case, shortly after taking the photo, there was a woman sitting happily and smiling on a nearby bench.  She was smiling and I said hi and she was the mom of the girl I had just been photographing!  The girl was in fact in 8th grade!

In another case, one or two girls were posing and I am saying that one or both of them were girls based on size.

I do not normally ask anyone if they are of school age or college age.  I figure it is mildly intrusive, unless someone gives me an opening that indicates it is ok to ask that type of question in some way.

However, in addition to the actual girls mentioned above, there were several who were in braces.   We don’t really know how old they were; we just know that a lot of people get braces starting from 8 years old to 14 years old, if mom or dad can pay for that.  Lots of people wear braces for more or less than 2 years.  Some people think of others wearing braces chiefly when they are in middle school.

In any case, here are some of the girls of comicon 2016!  To see posing and photos of the gals of those who are also over 18, go . . .

david and the girl are really so professional . . . and we produced some photos with her half in sunlight and half in shadow . . . we may do better next year!
Some people are not old enough to get into the Freeway Park during comicon . . . Right!




Of 8th grade. I did not ask the girl her age, but a few minutes later, I encountered the mom smiling happily on a bench! The photo was taken with the consent of the youngster and with the knowledge of the mom who was sitting ten to twenty feet away and observing. I forget the rules that comicon has about minors and the presence of their parents. For certain ages, mom or dad should be in the vicinity and for other ages, mom or dad should just be on the convention property. Of course, for those who go on their own and have not bought an entry ticket and simply circulate in the public areas, the presence or absence of mom or dad is not breaking a rule.
At one point I was on the escalators heading downwards. There was a group of what seemed to be kids in front of me and one of the young ladies was in an outfit of red and black. The red and black was favorable and interesting. I asked if I could take her photo and she asked if I recognized her. I did not. She said she was agent Carter! My camera is great but has trouble capturing red, which at times shows up as purple! Now I will have to learn who is agent Carter!
If I recall correctly, she was in braces.



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