Four possible solutions . . .

It seems that there are at least four alternative “solutions” to the late Hot or not contest.  By solutions I mean possibilities that allow for both the art and creativity of the kids and which do not result in the school shutting down the “contest” . . .  Moreover, what is helpful is to not leave any girl hurt or crying.

  1. For one or more of the girls to compete in one or more bikini competitions, and for photos from the competition or their training be used, with their consent, in some way to be appreciated or even rated.  Note that those who compete in bikini competitions which are part of the larger bodybuiding competitions held almost every month somewhere in King County expect and have given permission to be photographed during the competition.
  2. If any of the girls of Mount Si happen to sunbathe, walk or play at Greenlake in the summer, and if they are cute and I see them, I would take their photo . . .  If they are quite cute or interesting, or if anyone else is quite cute or interesting and I have taken photos of that person, I would tend to place those photos at here or at and others might choose to love the pages with the nice photos.
  3. Find a music video you like and that is fun and/or interesting and/or hot and that you would feel comfortable imitating in some ways that others find fun and/or interesting and/or hot.  Pay the fee to have a mechanical license to sing the music and then produce some music videos similar to the fun, interesting or hot music video with a creative commons distribution “for free.”  Now, your music video, assuming you have followed some basic steps, is legally protected to produce and distribute on youtube for free.  And, what is more, see if you can find several teams at school who would each like to produce their own versions of the same music video adaptation.  It could be a Demi Lovato video . . . could be some Inna videos . . . It could be Stacy’s mom . . .  It could be something by Ariana Grande . . . It could be something Britney Spears has done (I suppose you might check with a parent about copying some of Britney’s more recent videos) . . . could be Rooftop . . . and create the series of nearly identical music videos with groups of kids who all are consenting to produce them and to have the videos entered into a contest which rates or judges them.  (Your main concern, to be on the safe side of a legal concern, if you produce a music video similar to something on the net is, don’t use the camera to zoom in on one particular area and avoid zooming in and out.  Of course, music videos don’t normally zoom in and out on a certain area and they certainly don’t do so repeatedly.)
  4. Have a photography contest in the following way. Each year, or each semester, find or select a photo “you” like that is interesting, fun, flirty, glamorous or ***.  The photo could be of a gal in a short skirt, in swimwear, in jeans, in shorts, in yoga pants, in leggings, in tights, in a cheerleader or drill team outfit.  [The photo could perhaps even be of “implied nude,” if you wish to spend a few minutes to research what that is.  (Frequently, images of nude people do not go that far [as to depict the gens]. They are instead deliberately composed, and films edited, such that in particular no genitalia are seen, as if the camera by chance failed to see them. This is sometimes called “implied nudity” as opposed to “explicit nudity”. It is in popular culture that a particular image may lead to classification disputes.[1])] The photo could be of a gal fully dressed but glamorous.  Examples of interesting photos . . . could include Kate Beckinsale and many are here.  Find or select a photo “you” like and then see if there are teams of people who wish to create a likeness of the photo.  Then, when you folks have a collection of 4 to 60 photos which are designed to be in likeness of a particular photo, rate or judge the photos, with the consent of the teams who created them!
  5. Perhaps readers will have a better idea and alternative that I have not thought of!
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