High school journalism story idea . . .

So, back in the old days, there was a school newspaper and the school newspaper was printed up on paper.  And there were kids who worked on the school newspaper and they went out and talked to people to learn things and develop information for stories that would be published in the paper.

Some of the kids went out and talked to local businesses to see if those local businesses would advertise in the paper and some of the kids talked to other people to have information in order to write a story.

I don’t know if kids in school today do that.  Maybe; maybe not.  It seems that a lot of school newspapers are online.  Some school newspapers are imported online from more general sources and some include information particular to the school.

Anyway, in light of the shutting down of an informal beauty contest on the grounds that it is hurtful . . . one idea for a story would be this . . .

Lets interview the staff and teachers at the school, or some of them, if they permit.  Lets find out their views on bikini competitions, their views and practices with regards to exercise, and their views and practices with regards to art. Lets find out from the principal and the vice-principal how they relate a private contest to harm going on in school and what they regard as constitutionally protected or not.  Lets find out if a single individual boy could have a photo collection and rate and appreciate the photos personally and if that would be constitutionally protected.

Lets find out if 2 or 3 or 4 boys, working and talking together, consensually, have the constitutional right to view, discuss and rate some photos of local girls or women.

Mount Si and Issaquah High schools have been in the local and national news for their contests and for these questions . . . and neither kids nor adult journalists seem to have covered the constitutional questions or the questions of art and exercise.  Why is that?

Over in actual school, you probably have heard at least once in a history class of the muckrakers.  I can’t imagine that a muckraker would do anything useful . . . or that it is time for any muckraking . . .

Hmm . . . do I recognize that room? Oh . . . wait . . . someone has been taking photos in one of the local high schools! . . . This high school has been the site of a game or contest in which girls and their photos are rated by boys appreciating them, causing consternations and police investigations!
Image credit to CELESTE GRACEY, Issaquah Reporter Staff Writer [email protected] Image source Issaquah reporter news article 8/25/2011
Disclosure: I, david, have problems and difficulties in life also, and I pray and hope that God would help me with them.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women.
Nearly 700,000 people die of heart disease annually – the equivalent of 29 percent of all deaths in the United States. (CDC)
About a quarter of all heart-disease-related deaths occur in men ages 35 to 65. (CDC)
In 2004, heart disease was the cause of death for 410,628 males. (American Heart Association)
However, heart disease does not usually lead to police investigations . . .
If you wish, remember. Be above the Madness . . . Appreciating some girls and women for being hot might lead to hurt feelings. If you go around appreciating or rating girls, some of them might dance, run, swim or walk . . .
Girls and women are sensitive and they need to have their feelings protected if by chance they are not as pretty as Anne Boleyn or the fairest in the land . . .
However, the truth also is, when someone is in difficulty, it is good, if you can, to encourage or be praying for him or her.

I have one of those cars that is a little fancy enough to have a satelite radio. I just had the Sirius radio turned on. For several months, my listening had been a mixture of kvi, 101.5 and sirius hits on 001.  I had the Sirius radio turned on and on Radio Disney there was Shakira out with a new song.  For some reason, this new Shakira song has not been on the hits channel . . . Is it because the song is new or because it is too soft for the hits channel?  There is a part of Bible verse related to this song . . . for the righteous falls seven times and rises again Prov 24:16.

Anyway, I dislike speaking of difficulties some other people might have without having an encouraging thought.  Encouraging thoughts are sometimes better than brackets with Ariana, Becky or Skylar but after, perhaps we could consider Moving On!

Once in a while I do pray for those who I perceive to have difficulties in life . . .  Why not be nice to them?  But I am not also certain if I should intrude by indicating . . .

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