How to walk to parts of Sakuracon or comicon without ticket

So, lets suppose you are tight on funds and wish to visit.

Go to 7th and Union and there is a large sign that says Home Street Bank.  Turn and face east and start up the stairs and keep going up the stairs until you reach the highest level.  Along the way, you must turn right, and then at the top level, turn back and face the building on the path to your left.

You are now in part of Freeway park.  I don’t know everything about every part of the convention center and which parts are patrolled to be sure that people have a ticket.  I think they just keep people out of certain doors or with an obvious sign.  But a person can surely walk on the path and enjoy the company and photography of others while in Freeway Park on the days of Sakuracon and Comicon.

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