psychological studies & eating disorders

Some people with eating disorders do so partly as a result of underlying depression.

Some people with eating disorders cause or contribute to psychological depression by their disorder.

Some people with eating disorders use their eating pattern because they believe that they should be overly thin to be attractive.

Webmd says, “One CBT method is called dissonance therapy. People with eating disorders who have become obsessed with the idea that they must be extremely thin to be attractive are encouraged to reject this unattainable image in favor of a more realistic ideal. Studies show that this approach can significantly reduce symptoms of bulimia, especially bingeing and vomiting in some patients.”

Whether or not there are kids at at local high schools who are anorexic or bulimic I do not know.  Whether any of those kids are anorexic or bulimic for the purpose of being attractive I do not know.  However, if there are such, then, one possibility to consider for them is to redirect their attention and effort in a different way.


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