Sakura con 2017 hot or not!

Sakura con Hot or not!

Wow!  I have realized that unless the Convention Center absolutely hates the idea so much that they find a way to keep me out, “we” can–probably–do a consensual form of Hot or Not!

Here is my plan for Sakuracon 2017, with respect to any who may wish to visit to pose!

  1. I have no relationship with Sakura con other than I visited or attended it happily in 2016.  I found the event to be a great opportunity to pose and take photographs and to ask some people if they wished to pose.  Nothing I say has or claims to have any endorsement, sponsorship, recommendation or specific approval of Sakura con, except perhaps in those cases that I link to a Sakuracon policy page and repeat its policy.
  2. I will designate a few areas where I might encounter any girls who wish to pose.  Of course, these three areas are merely areas that I was at several times in 2016, among several others, and where there were people in costumes who often chose to pose for me or many other photographers.  These areas are: to be designated because I don’t know for sure the floors where they are.  One of the areas will be that part of Freeway Park that is just between the convention center and where people are playing glomp.
    A gal is posing in one of the areas most used by a dozen photographers, models and people in costumes. You do not need to be a professional to get in this area . . . This model–and the woman with the sword–were at this area for 30 minutes or perhaps more, enjoying themselves and being photographed by others. We also don’t know if she is a professional model or just a girl having fun with her friend and other photographers! To be in this area does not require a reservation or credentials, just good and reasonable behavior. People come and go freely and have fun.
  4. Of course, some girls can be hot during the game of glomp!  This is played in Freeway park outside some of the south doors of the convention center.

    One of the best parts of Sakuracon is terrifying girls who are playing glomp!
  5. Another way to play glomp!
  6. What is funny is that I had seen the previous news coverage of Sakura con.  When I went for myself, I saw people playing this game and I sent an email to the news media that the game itself worth covering!  And, then, the Seattle pi had three photos of people playing glomp in their coverage of Sakura con this year!
  7. I will let people know here when I will be at Sakura con and what I will be wearing.  Right now, I think I will be a bunny or a cheerleader some of the time, but maybe just in normal black and bow tie at times. I’ll also list my phone number for texting me.
  8. If you wish to pose for me, simply try to be in the areas I have specified.  Try to be in outfits or costumes of the following types: a dress or skirt ranging from mini to knee-length.  My suggested color choices for the dress would be: 1) red, black and white; 2) red, blue and white; 3) all white; 4) all red; 5) all pink; 6) all light green; 7) red and white; 8) pink and white.  I realize these things may cost money . . . An excellent example of a beautiful costume is right here.  Sakura con has a policy that guests be in the equivalent of either a non-thong swimsuit or more.

    Once in a while a gal or two is not terrified about being photographed . . .  Of course, most photographers at Sakuracon or elsewhere do not create photosets which are then rated as hot or not!  It is generally regarded as favorable and a compliment to be asked to pose.  It is a sign that “you” have done something right! Here is a beautiful result.  Here are two gals in very pretty outfits. Notice the colors which are an excellent choice.  While posing, I asked them to bend the leg slightly and pull the knee slightly “in.” Some people enjoy seeing the pose.
  9. If you wish to be more revealing or you don’t wish the expense of donning a costume, it appears per the rules that wearing swimwear (or undies) is also possible, either at times with a robe or perhaps without.  (A person could also do both at different times or on different days.) Sakura con has a policy of guests being in the equivalent of a non-thong swimsuit. Whether or not the policy has always been followed, I do not know.  In years past, Sakura con has had swimsuit contests, but I have never been to one of those! However, I have seen some of the videos on youtube and at times, for the swimsuit contest, gals simply took off their outer clothing to pose!
  10. Here is a fun idea for a costume . . . but I am sure it will break your bank account.

    from sammydress . . . People choose a variety of personas for Sakuracon. Some are monsters; some are of Star Trek; some are s*xi. If you wish to try this  or this one or that or  that and look nice, that is a guaranteed prize from my point of view.  If you get one of these and wear it and I encounter you, I’ll ask if I should compensate you for the cost of purchase!
  11. The video on youtube of the 2013 swimsuit contest has people participating who were at times merely in underwear and had not brought along any swimwear.  So some of them who wished simply took off their outer clothing down to undies and posed briefly.  The people who ran the swimsuit contest in years past no longer does it at Sakruacon in Seattle, I have been told.
  12. Just as in 2016, I will spend some time playing glomp and at other times I will wander the area and take interesting photos.  If and when I see a person in an interesting outfit or costume, I often say, “Would you like to pose?”
  13. Almost always the people in outfits and costumes would enjoy posing.  You could be able to pose for me completely anonymously.  Or, you could pose and let me know the school you attend if you are comfortable sharing that information with me but only if you wish and are comfortable with that.  I don’t know if I would even tend to ask . . .  but if you realize who I am, you can mention that you have seen my website and we can talk.
  14. I will decide on some categories and either I or visitors to this website will choose winners in each category, such as best costume, best pose, best figure, best in glomp etc.
  15. If I have some way of providing it to the right place, I will award some cash prizes to winners of various categories.  They could go to you, a school, a cheerleading squad, your martial arts studio or a mutually agreed upon charity.
  16. As for whether or not you show up that is obviously up to you or your mom or dad.  If you wish to have photos that are part of a contest and wish to use a made-up name or no name, that is also ok!
    Sexy Fur Trim Mrs Santa Clause Costume Women Christmas Costume
    Hmmm . . .

  17. To be a “registered guest and/or member” of Sakura con by buying a membership requires that you have a parent or guardian over 18 with you.
  18. As for whether or not a minor on her own or his may choose to wander Freeway park or to enter the convention center itself in the areas which are not past the doorkeepers . . . you could make your own guess. On Saturday, March 26, 2016, while I was wandering in the Freeway park area which was also filled mostly with Sakura con people, there was a few persons who seemed to be homeless or economically challenged.  They were mixed in with the rest of us and were doing the same things as the rest of us: eating, socializing, taking photographs, and acting normally.  It was not my job or duty to police the presence of people at Freeway Park; I did not care if they had membership badges or not; I don’t know if they had membership badges or not.  I don’t think that anyone else cared as long as the three fellows were not acting in a disruptive, harmful way.
  19. You would realize that a) any given person is more or less hot at different times and depending on their make-up, dress, posing and activity and b) that being hot or not in a given photo does not mean that you are not hot or that someone else is in fact hotter than “you” and c) it may simply mean that the other person with a photo in which she is hot is more mature and experienced in dressing pretty, flirting and posing.
  20. Here we have some photos of two school girls who posed in 2016!  The girls are still happily alive with mom and dad I assume . . . Just like the several dozens adults who were in costumes, I saw them and asked if they would like to pose and they said yes . . .

    Unofficial winners of the unofficial 2016 Sakura hot or not contest, 8th and 9th grade division.
  21. I’ll be at Sakura con in 2017 whether or not any of you or anyone else pose.  At least, I am assuming that Sakura is not kicking me out, at this point!
  22. If no one shows up that has seen my website . . . and if some girls are there who are in costume and who pose for me and they go to school and wish, I’ll ask and, if they wish, I will  “enter” them and they will win by default, if they have no competition.
  23. There is an excellent chance that no one will show and that is ok and I’ll just play glomp and view and photograph the variety of the adults I see!
  24. If there is a batch of photos which become part of an informal contest, I am sure that there are times that I would chosen between one and four as winners.
  25. So, are any of the photos above hot, fun or beautiful?  Are any of these worth creating or taking?  Is there a costume that would fit you and might be a good entry?

Red Sexy Ladies Christmas Bow Bikini Pleuche Santa Costume

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