Seattle pretty costume contest: story1

Several times a month I see movies downtown Seattle at Pike Place Mall or at the theatre a block away.

Usually I eat food before or after at the Pike Place Chowder place which is a few yards from the theatres for the movies in Pike Place mall.

I am at least half gregarious and half friendly and I often get to know clerks at places that serve me such as the grocery store or restaurants and I know the clerk at Pike Place Chowder and we greet in a cheerful, friendly way.

At times I had thought of the now-defunct mount si hot-or-not contest and how it would be done elsewhere in a way that was productive and harmless. If my online business continues to grow I will end up with discretionary money. It occurred to me to create a “pretty costume wearing” contest held at the same vicinity and same weekend as Sakuracon and the other cosplay conventions where it is normal for hundreds of people to be in costume.

So, I was going to see a movie on Saturday and I was going to leave shortly after 12 and see the movie starting at 1:35 or so. If so, I would have arrived at Pike place chowder when there would have been a line of people and less conversation with the clerk.

But the car’s battery was drained down from lights have been on and it took an hour before the car was running and I wished to use it.

So I arrived at Pike place chowder at 1:30 or so and there was no usual line for “lunch.”

I order and then I notice that the female clerk is wearing a new, different and interesting necklace. I ask if it was new and more about it. She says it was new.

I ask her if she knows about Sakuracon and PAX. She knows a little and that people are in costume. I ask if she would like to participate in a costume contest and she likes that idea.

That was encouraging to me. I would not have thought of asking her, but for the fact that there was no line and she was wearing a new and interesting necklace.

So, if my online business does not perish and there are funds, we shall have fun in April 2017!


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