Shake It Off by Skylar Stecker

Here is Skylar showing us Shake it off!

Note that doing covers of music videos gives “you” the opportunity to dance and/or do gymnastics or stunts or flirt and/or wear short skirts and maybe to be *** . . .  A girl might have the option of wearing a cheerleading outfit or a dancing outfit, of acting like a cheerleader or a dancer or a flirt, or whatever seems appropriate and fun.

By the way, I have friends who probably wouldn’t be watching Skylar’s music videos.  I have a friend who saw some of Rooftop and said, “She looks like she is **!”  And I said, “No, she is **!” And we had that conversation more than a year ago.

Of course, since I am over 21, any suggestion that I might have viewed a Skylar Stecker video would be crazy talk . . . I am not sure if the kids in high school view them or not . . .  And of course, as an adult, I would never think to ask, “Is Skylar ***?”

But I think you should begin to see how, if you wish to have contest in which you or we or the rest of your school judges videos as being hot . . . and if you wish to create some . . .

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