what is a “bikini competition”

There are different kinds of bikini or swimsuit competitions.  There are contests we call bikini contests which often take place on a beach at spring break in some cities.

There are bodybuilding competitions which take place in large major cities across the United States every year.  Men and women compete and there are different categories or divisions of competion.  In these kinds of competitions, the different areas of women’s competition often include bikini, figure, fitness and bodybuilding.  These are each different categories of competition.  The bikini category is the most soft in the sense that the women who train for it do so with less emphasis on muscle definition and more attention given to shape.  They lift weights in training but their goal in training or posing is not to be like Schwarzennegger!

There is a swimsuit contest as part of the Miss America and other similar pageants.

In a bikini contest, a person tends to be judged in the following areas: leanness, shape of the body, graceful and interesting movement while walking, interesting posing, the bikini itself.  A person walks and turns and poses showing a few different angles to the audience.

I have no firm knowledge of what the policies are of various competitions as to the ages of contestants.  It could vary from competition to competition.  If minors are allowed in the show, then, minors may well be allowed to compete.  Nicole Nagrani began to compete when she was 14; she was the daughter of a woman competitor and so she knew about contests and competing.

Kate Kennedy won the 2015 bikini competition at the Emerald cup and in 2014 she placed 2nd in the “class c bikini” and the “masters” or those over 35.

Here are some of the winners in the 2014 bikini open competition of the Emerald cup.  Note that they are not bulked up, although they do lift weights in training.  They have slightly different muscle tone, I think.

Kate Kennedy and others in a bikini competition. She won in 2015

Here is a clip which summarizes Kate Kennedy with a little preparation and competing in 2014.

Here is some of the bikini competition part of the Emerald Cup in 2015 . . .

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